Antica pizza fritta da zia Esterina Sorbillo

ZERO here: Fa "squeeze" al panzerotto in piazza San Fedele

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Antica pizza fritta da zia Esterina Sorbillo Via Agnello, 19


  • lunedi 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • martedi 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • mercoledi 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • giovedi 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • venerdi 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • sabato 12–15:30 , 19–23:30
  • domenica 12–15:30 , 19–23:30

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Take the classic problem that annoys us, the people of the old town: where to eat cheap, fast and possibly even well? In short, you would like to keep walking and not bent over your legs with your hands across your belly because of hunger. In the last few years offers have multiplied, compared to the scarcity of some time ago, and yet if we had to choose just one address we would have no doubt: the fried pizza of aunt Esterina by Gino Sorbillo, the king of Neapolitan pizza chefs and entrepreneurs. The story of fried pizza, which reminds us of a Naples that no longer exists, is a good one: it was fried at home because there was no oven and it was sold to passers-by for a few coins. We enter the small shop swaggering through those who have already paid the receipt, we pay a silly price and wait at least ten minutes (much longer during rush hours) draining a few beers with appetite and with the instinct to steal the panzerotto of those who have already been there for a while. And then there is our fried pizza with provola cheese, tomato and pepper (cracklings for the most courageous): goodbye, thank you and off to Piazza San Fedele to eat it blissfully, being careful not to get burnt and “squirting” (but watch out for squirting) the panzerotto so that the filling does not remain all at the bottom, laughing at the greasy fingers and mouth full of cheese. Do you have any better idea?

Simone Muzza

Translated by @silaskin