Cascina Cuccagna


Cascina Cuccagna Via Cuccagna , 2/47


  • lunedi 10–01
  • martedi 10–01
  • mercoledi 10–01
  • giovedi 10–01
  • venerdi 10–01
  • sabato 10–01
  • domenica 10–01

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Written by La Redazione il 26 June 2015
Aggiornato il 21 July 2015

Wonderful! A rural cottage right in the city centre. The visitors’ typical reaction is the set phrase: “it doesn’t seem to be in Milan here”. This is also due to the fact that the consortium which manages the property often and gladly occupy it with meetings, exhibits and street markets selling goods coming from a short distribution chain, so to bring the countryside directly into the city. Very popular for its happy hour – also thanks to a nice garden – and for the dinner in the restaurant “Un posto a Milano“, located inside the garden.

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