Antica Hostaria della Lanterna

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Antica Hostaria della Lanterna Via Mercalli, 3


Two small windows in a street in the centre are the mirror of a hidden tavern in Milan. Between the offices of the wealthy Milanese lawyers and the court, there is a catering oasis called Antica Hostaria della Lanterna. It has been there since time immemorial and has served the same dishes for years: gnocchi with gorgonzola, pasta with sausage, penne with tomato sauce, walnut with herbs and ossobuco. All extremely simple but incredibly good. The pasta is hand-rolled and the products are daily prepared, in fact if you arrive late you risk finding little.


All this in a place where the warm color of the wood fills the eyes and accompanies the taste, which has not suffered the infiltration – pass me the word – of the exclusive restaurants of the city. Here you can still find the accent of the past, the intimacy of a serene chat with the innkeeper. And in this atmosphere of calmness do not be surprised if you have to wait longer than usual for a dish: goodness will repay the wait. Mrs. Paola, the owner of the restaurant, who with passion and dedication has taught the culinary art to her daughter, at the stove, has an excellent memory and just come back a couple of times so that the expression “The usual, thank you” will bring to the table the choice you prefer. No anxiety about the wallet, simplicity is also in the price.

Translated by @silaskin