ZERO here: Beve caffè defecato.


Hodeidah Via Piero della Francesca, 8


  • lunedi 7–19:30
  • martedi 7–19:30
  • mercoledi 7–19:30
  • giovedi 7–19:30
  • venerdi 7–19:30
  • sabato 7–19:30
  • domenica chiuso

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Intoxicated by the scent of roasted coffee according to ancient rites of Mayan and Aztec civilizations – not for nothing do the best restaurants in the city are served here -, Hodeidah creates an atmosphere worthy of a novel by Gabriel García Márquez. Candies, lollipops, jams and chocolates of all kinds, British-style teas and teapots: whims necessary to get ahead. Because, from Macondo to Milan, feeling alone is inevitable. But do you know what the real gem is? The Indonesian Kopy Luwak: a unique coffee in the world, roasted after the beans have been ingested and defecated by the luwak – palm civet.

Translated by @silaskin