Ex Barracks in via Guido Reni

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Ex Barracks in via Guido Reni Via Guido Reni, 7

Following the previous experiences of some Italian cities, Roman requalification of public spaces is focused on a competent repurpose of the existing buildings, which mostly consist of ancient administrative and military structures. One of the foremost poles implicated in this process was the ex barracks in Ugo Reni street. It was created in 1906 as military establishment devising electronic and precision mechanics instrumets, nonetheless it has been left unused since quite a long time. In 2014, a call for bids was launched to requalify the area, turning it into City of Science. The winner of this ban is Studio 015 Viganò (Milan)- other participants included: Juan Navarro Baldeweg (Madrid); Caruso St John Architects (London); KCAP Architects&Planners (Amsterdam); Labics-Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos (Rome-Madrid); Ian+ (Rome).

The municipality of Rome published a few guidelines: the City of Science is going to extend for 27 thousands square meters; in the leftover are going to rise 70 social lodgings (6000 m2), 200 private residences (29000 m2), sales area (5000 m2), accomodating structures (5000 m2) and public tools for the suburb. More info here (link). cliccando qui

During the whole time slot of events, branded Outdoor, you would have the possibility to discover the original bulding, with the support of an historical exhibition you could also hint the future layout. The construction yard is open from 2016.