Osteria del biliardo

ZERO here: Mangia bene e si prepara al venerdì sera con spinta.

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Osteria del biliardo Via Cialdini , 107


  • lunedi 14–19
  • martedi 14:30–02
  • mercoledi 14:30–02
  • giovedi 14:30–02
  • venerdi 14:30–02
  • sabato 09–12 , 1430–02
  • domenica 09–12 , 14:30–19

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Let’s take an enjoy because getting there by metro is complicated. They tell us about an epic, unmissable place where you can play billiards, while wives and girlfriends stay at the table until late. The front door is camouflaged with a writing that confuses us: “Coop. Always United”. We like the idea of always being together anyway, so we go in. We’re in the right place. The bar atmosphere of the Magliana is what we expect. To say that we stayed in the 70s is an understatement. Bar at the old – it reminds me of the one where I met by chance Uncle Pippo drunk 80 years old – ramshackle lights, wooden tables, a counter that is worn out and for this wonderful. we take a Mi. To. made at random, we like it. We sit down, only not after talking to the players at the tables. The menu is simple but well aggregated, affordable prices. We order an excellent salted tongue with green sauce, a nettles risotto and to share knife-cut prosciutto crudo. All excellent. There is no end to the red wine, which gives us the right boost to go to the closing party of the Pervert

Martina Di Iorio

Translated by @silaskin