The Botanical Club (via Melzo)

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The Botanical Club (via Melzo) Via Melzo, 16


  • lunedi 12:30–15 , 18:30–01
  • martedi 12:30–15 , 18:30–01
  • mercoledi 12:30–15 , 18:30–01
  • giovedi 12:30–15 , 18:30–01
  • venerdi 12:30–15 , 18:30–01
  • sabato 18:30–02
  • domenica chiuso

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The new The Botanical Club confirms, in th foodsteps of the first two (Via Tortona and Via Pastrengo), the metropolitan cocktail bar soul that combines quality mixings and fusion cuisine. Also in Via Melzo you will find dishes of exotic contamination in crossover between Far East and Pacific. The drink list is constantly evolving and focuses on international mixing, in the style of The Botanical Club, following the path of food pairing at all times of the day.

Translated by @silaskin

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