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Raboucer Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 3


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The neon lights have been turned back on in via Gian Giacomo Mora, a few steps from Sant’Ambrogio and the columns of San Lorenzo. If you are like us, that street may sound very familiar to you. Let’s do this: the clue starts with a heart and twenty years of activity among gin and tonics, parties, billiard table and great chats in the street. The novelty is that from the ashes of the Bar Cuore signed Corra, RABOUCER is born, the first-born of three bartenders from Mag and 1930.

The bar has been completely renovated in four months that have led to new bases, colors, sofas, tables, lights and yes … even the fearsome bathrooms. The mood is elegant but relaxed, the play of wood, neon and metal recalls the origins of the Cuore and the mixology tradition of the new owners, while the fresh drink list is a real breath of fresh air for lovers of tasteful drinking.

Raboucer is populated by friendly and outgoing people, with familiar faces and new arrivals from both sides of the counter. A part of the upper floor hosts jazz quartets and DJ sets, leaving the rest of the large space to customers, now immersed in an open space where the furniture breathes and the conversations start (as always) spontaneous but relaxed. Downstairs you can have fun in various spaces, including new tables, stools and semi-sitting rooms, without forgetting the great potential of the kitchen (which is about to be born). At this point the doubts will dissolve to the fateful name: what is Raboucer? The answer is simple, take the historically metallic sign of the Bar Cuore (where every three letters went to the bottom) and look at it from the other side. Rab-Ouc-er. And the (very good) drink is served.

Translated by @silaskin

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