ZERO here: Martini state of mind.

Categories Bars Cocktail bar
quartiere Porta-Venezia


Drinc.different Via Francesco Hayez, 13


  • lunedi 18–01
  • martedi 18–01
  • mercoledi 18–01
  • giovedi 18–01
  • venerdi 18–02
  • sabato 18–02
  • domenica 18–01

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Luca Marcellin’s encore. A place dedicated to drinking well, slow, without frills and with capillary attention to service. Not far from the firstborn, Drinc.different is a more intimate cocktail bar, with a counter that houses six seats where you can sink guided by the hand and the flair of the host. The martinis here go down like water, impossible not to ask for the second, third, wait I lost count. In a moment you’ll feel like the Great Gatsby. Drink responsibly, what a nice hoax.

Translated by @silaskin

Contenuto pubblicato su ZeroMilano - 2019-09-16