IT. Milano

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quartiere Brera


IT. Milano Via Fiori Chiari, 32


  • lunedi 12:30–02
  • martedi 12:30–02
  • mercoledi 12:30–02
  • giovedi 12:30–02
  • venerdi 12:30–02
  • sabato 12:30–02
  • domenica chiuso

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Ibiza, Milan, London. No, it’s not the lyrics of a new song by Giusy Ferreri, but the places where you can find this super posh restaurant and cocktail bar. What does that mean? Very high prices (cutlet at 32 €), chic atmosphere, 12 heels and (ugly) cufflinks on the wrists. In the heart of Brera IT welcomes the public (but who?) who can spend more than 80 € for a dinner – signed by chef Gennaro Esposito. If you’re poor like us at most a drink.

Translated by @silaskin

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