Trattoria dalla Lina Orsolina

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Trattoria dalla Lina Orsolina Via Galeazzo Alessi, 1


  • lunedi 1200–15 , 19–02
  • martedi 1200–15 , 19–02
  • mercoledi 1200–15 , 19–02
  • giovedi 1200–15 , 19–02
  • venerdi 1200–15 , 19–02
  • sabato 1200–15 , 19–02
  • domenica 1200–15 , 19–02

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Try to imagine your grandmother’s living room, but bigger, with the same 30×30 tiles a bit worn out and the wooden tables ruined. There you go, now picture your grandmother’s kitchen and think of it as larger, older and incredibly messy. If you are following me now start to furnish everything with various possible objects, flea market stuff a bit trashy. The final touch: close your eyes and you will hear the greatest Italian music classics of the 60s that (luckily) nobody knows anymore.
Now that we have recreated the location, I can tell you what it is like to dine at Trattoria Dalla Lina Orsolina. Booking is sometimes difficult because she doesn’t trust the caller very much and asks you a thousand questions about how many you are and what you want. If you succeed in this task you just have to wait for the fateful evening with great trepidation (dress well, because Lina cares).
Do not think you will find a menu, or even something remotely comparable. Lina puts herself on the stove and cooks what she has, what she likes. And this is where the experience begins. Lina will ask you to help her, to give her a hand. You can go to the kitchen to get the dishes, bring the pots of pasta to the table, serve the large bottles of house wine, sing along with her the songs of times gone by. Sometimes, for special occasions, you can add a tart bought at Esselunga.
Just think that this place has been used for filming movies, shootings of big fashion brands, private events, and so on. A place, legendary, mythological I would say.
Is it a good and delicious dinner? No, not exactly. But it’ll be a night of laughter you’ll hardly forget. In short, it’s an experience that every trattoria enthusiast and the culinary world in general must necessarily have.
(Not recommended for couples looking for gourmet romance, high-end culinary critics and people who don’t smile at the table).

Translated by @silaskin