Fanfulla 5/a

ZERO here: beve a prezzi modici, ascolta live pazzi, balla fino a notte fonda e guarda cinema visionario.


Fanfulla 5/a Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5/a


  • lunedi 22–02
  • martedi 22–02
  • mercoledi 22–02
  • giovedi 22–02
  • venerdi 22–02
  • sabato 22–02
  • domenica 22–02

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That’s substantially the totem of the cultural-weirdo bourgeois resistance in Rome. As a cat, Fanfulla can count on 7 lives. During the years it has changed name, spaces however still keeping an existentialist approach: more or less serious live performances, insane dj set, visionary cinema, crazy reviews. The atmosphere is enriched by that peculiar bourgeois joyfulness, typical of the East side of Rome. You can have a drink without breaking the bank, in a rectangular hall where you will find all you need to spend a wonderful night with friends. Providing your system with 2 Fanfulla negroni will guarantee a successful party.