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Taglio Via Vigevano, 10


  • lunedi 18–00:30
  • martedi 18–00:30
  • mercoledi 18–00:30
  • giovedi 18–00:30
  • venerdi 18–00:30
  • sabato 10–00:30
  • domenica 10–00:30

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There is the restaurant where you go because they make an excellent schnitzel, there is the bar where you go every morning for the cream croissant, there is the place that with a drink can save you a bad day, there is the gastronomy for when you don’t have time to cook, but you feel like spoiling yourself. And then there’s Taglio, which is all these things together and where you can pass whenever you want, because every moment of the day has been studied as if it were the main attraction of the restaurant. The soul, the head and above all the stomach of this multi-faceted shop is Raffaele who sits at the table with us and we start talking about Radiohead. Not before having recommended a Lambrusco Pozzoferrato from Cantina Storchi. And it is immediately poetry with the red and compact effervescence that rises in the chalice.


Perfect to accompany a lunch that promises to be glorious: risotto alla milanese – Raffaele tells us that he follows the dictates of the risotto guru Cesare Battisti -, cutlet of sanato (veal under a year old) and fish & chips in the manner of Taglio with cod, squid in tempura, artichokes and broccoli. The menu reflects the identity of this place: enjoyable, convivial, traditional and regional. Calling giants like spaghetti cacio e pepe or red tripa comfort food is bad. At Taglio you can enjoy the pleasure of the table naked and raw, in an environment reminiscent of the space of a slightly hipster and rustic cheesemonger, among local products, bottles of wine and the meat counter. We cannot fail to conclude the lunch with one of Raffaele’s unsurpassed coffees, his great passion, tangible by the degree of culture he shows on the subject. He prepares us a filtered coffee with an Ethiopian blend so good that we do not brush our teeth until the evening. At the counter of the wine and cocktail bar as it should be: come back to Taglio for the aperitif and you will have a more tangible idea. Those things that make us love Taglio even more.

Translated by @silaskin