ZERO here: Beve gin tonic e mangia alici fritte al lime

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Elitabar Via Corsico, 5


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Two-three thousand people for the opening of a bar is something that had never been seen before in Milan. After the party, or rather now that Elita’s parties have moved elsewhere, the bar has become the ideal place to meet and get to know those people in town who organize, attend and love electronic music (including guest djs), events, clubs. The bar offers a selection of cocktails and food that is attentive to what’s new in the restaurant world – lots of gin, bottled drinks, smoked and tiki cocktails, Chinese and Japanese spirits, Spanish and Oriental tapas, entrails and so on – but it doesn’t just copy the model. For instance, the Bloody Mary is made with the Abruzzo tomato puree of Anna, the mother of one of the founders (and therefore Bloody Anna), and you can order the Montegani 6, a gin and Campari-based cocktail created in a private house in via Montegani 6, a dear address for many clubbers when all the clubs close. Or let Danilo do it, you will be in very good hands.

Translated by @silaskin

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