Café Trussardi

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Café Trussardi Piazza della Scala, 5


  • lunedi 07:30–23
  • martedi 07:30–23
  • mercoledi 07:30–23
  • giovedi 07:30–23
  • venerdi 07:30–23
  • sabato 12–23
  • domenica chiuso

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In Milan it’s easy to find bars and restaurants owned by fashion designers, but among all of them the Café Trussardi is – undoubtedly – the only one with an informal location and an above the average quality. The focus of the bar is the wonderful marble counter, where you can be enraptured by the sublime work of Tommaso Cecca. He is a great connoisseur of the Martini Cocktail – it can be prepared with your favourite gin – which is properly prepared from the choice of the glass to the perfect dosage of all ingredients: the technique of Tommaso Cecca is impeccable. The Martini Cocktail is served with wasabi peanuts, nachos with sweet paprika and some appetizers like tartare’s mini burgers. If you don’t like Martini, don’t worry, the cocktail list provides lot of classical drinks as the Beer Americano, the Rhubarb gin (with fresh rhubarb juice and lime powder); or you can also try something new like the “Aperitivo Trussardi” (a drink with flavoured wine). You can have the best quality in the heart of the city: what are you asking for more than this?
– Translation by Sarah Dongiovanni