Capannelle Racetrack

ZERO here: scommette d'inverno, rockeggia d'estate.

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Foto di HippoGroup - Roma Capannelle / R.Mordacchini


Capannelle Racetrack Via Appia Nuova, 1255

Since Tor di Valle ceased its activity, Capanelle has outlasted as the last operative racetrack in Rome. It rises on Via Appia, in the aqueduct area just a jump from Ciampino – a strategic position to get away from an unfortunate bet. It was built at the end of XVII century and renewed in 1926, its name is due to the acient layout: according to Wikipedia, in the crossroad between Appia Nuova and Appia Pignatelli– found place two typical agro-romanic shed, made of wood and leaves, here wayfarers could just sit and relieve from strain. Since a bunch of years, it houses live concerts of Rock in Rome. Rock in Roma.