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quartiere Navigli



Iter Via Mario Fusetti, 1


  • lunedi 08–2
  • martedi 08–2
  • mercoledi 08–2
  • giovedi 08–2
  • venerdi 08–2
  • sabato 08–2
  • domenica 08–2

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Iter is a journey before being a bar. A journey that starts in Via Fusetti – right behind the Navigli – and wants to tell the story of Italy within its national borders and abroad. Marco Polo, Cristoforo Colombo were not by chance great Italian travellers and it is exactly from this imaginary Flavio Angiolillo takes the cue to tell us about this new project. A cocktail bar, first of all, that prefers exclusively Italian products with raids of foreign spirits or liqueurs that have to do with Italy: like the scotch whisky The Speakeasy, bottled by an Italian. At Iter you can also eat, open from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 at night, while the kitchen opens from 10:00. Continental breakfast, lunch and dinner: 100% tricolor menu with dishes such as pan, tartare (very delicious) and mackerel for 50 seats.

La drink list dell'Iter
The drink list of Iter

We like the drink list right from the start. A series of postcards, one per region, with a dedicated cocktail created using the most representative products of the area. In Friuli you will find cocktails with the grape distillation Prime Uve, in Lombardy the Campari, in Lazio the Vermouth del Professore on a journey through the regions of Italy. The idea of inserting a refrigerated tray with ice in the counter – very large and with comfortable seats capable of accommodating guests without problems – to keep cocktails or wine cool is brilliant.

La vaschetta refrigerata nel bancone del bar
Refrigerated tray with ice in the counter

Chiccha wise to Flavio Angiolillo who explains that behind Iter there is something more: twice a year we will leave with a photographer in a country of the world to discover the gastronomic connections of that area with our country. And of course to study its spirits. All this will be transformed into web content and, what interests us even more, into a new drink list and a new menu that pays homage to the country visited in an Italian key. Because you know, wherever you go in the world there will always be a strong community of the Bel Paese ready to Italianize the customs of that place. Boarding pass to the hand, see you at gate Iter.

Martina Di Iorio

Translated by @silaskin

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