Sat 11.05 2019 – Sun 24.11 2019

Belgium Pavilion - IL MONDO CANE


Biennale Giardini
Giardini della Biennale, Castello, Venezia


Saturday 11 May 2019 – Sunday 24 November 2019

How much

35/16 €

A quote of the 1962 documentary? Or of the most recent tribute album to italian songs by Mike Patton? IL MONDO CANE by Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys, curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz, presents itself as an exhibition / museum linked to folklore and the human figure, with dolls-automata and large-scale illustrations, artisans and zombies, different worlds that do not communicate with each other. Great narratives that start from reality to dive into fiction, using realism as a tool of social criticism and finding their way also outside the pavilion, thanks to a catalogue and a website which will complete and support the divulgation the project.

Written by Valentina Rossi e Marco Scotti