Ghe Pensi Mi

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quartiere NoLo

Ghe Pensi MI


Ghe Pensi Mi Piazza Morbegno, 2


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 17–01:30
  • mercoledi 17–01:30
  • giovedi 17–01:30
  • venerdi 17–02
  • sabato 17–02
  • domenica 17–01:30

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If you’re a fervent supporter of neighborhood life, you must have been to the Ghe Pensi Mi at least once. I’m talking about that place always packed with people, which makes Piazza Morbegno the nerve centre of the Nolo district. Indeed, you recognize it for the crowds that gather in front of it: young and not-so-young, elegants and hippies, who cheerfully populate this place where you pass after work and stay there until after midnight. Regardless of what day of the week it is, at Ghe Pensi Mi you always find someone to share the joys and sorrows of the day with.

For those who live in the area it is a kind of monotheistic religion. Everybody knows each other, as in a country – some would say – and this could be a problem, since after a while it is many pints that gobble up non-stop. There are 10 thorns and if you come on Tuesday you risk hurting yourself with the 2×1: take a beer and the second one is a gift. Also the cocktails are excellent, made with all the necessary ingredients, and the bottle cabinet is the evidence of this: a good selection of gin, whiskey and bourbon will immediately trigger the time of a Negroni. But ask for the list because here the proposals are different and all very interesting.

At Ghe Pensi I pace between outside and inside, the atmosphere is very street with skateboards hanging all around and Ultras group stickers everywhere. “Diffidati Presenti” and “Curva Nord Locorotondo” remind me why I love football and why I fall in love with this place every time. A recall to the days in university, when you used to leave home on your feet and come back crawling, and when in front of the bar you’d start talking to random people randomly. My roommate is never late to tell me: “I’m on my way home, see you at Ghe Pensi?”. I think about my liver, I think about the next day’s wake-up call. And I go to Ghe Pensi Mi.

Translated by @silaskin

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