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Serendeepity Corso di Porta Ticinese, 100


  • lunedi 15–20
  • martedi 10–20
  • mercoledi 10–20
  • giovedi 10–20
  • venerdi 10–20
  • sabato 10–20
  • domenica 15–20

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Every genre of CD-ROMS and vinyl albums: from Italian vintage – Matias Aguayo bought an old copy of one of Mina’s albums – to the last release of electronic IDM; clothing and accessories not to go unnoticed. Nicola – the shop’s owner – has the experience of a man who played in the Plastic discotheque for years and now to the new Dude, while Francesca (his partner and new mommy) is looking for your perfect outfit. If you hear some music during the week there is a showcase, whereas if it’s Saturday or Sunday’s dawn there is a “private” after party in the studio underground.