Cantina Urbana

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Cantina Urbana Via Ascanio Sforza, 87


  • lunedi 10–21
  • martedi 10–21
  • mercoledi 10–21
  • giovedi 10–00
  • venerdi 10–00
  • sabato 10–00
  • domenica 10–21

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The basic idea is to bring the countryside into the city, to discover the world of wine from another point of view: that of production. Cantina Urbana aims to shorten the distance between consumers and this universe, developing a real wine cellar close to the Navigli, where wine is not only drunk and bought, but also produced. The grapes just harvested are vinified in the Milanese site with a traditional process.

Afterwards, the wine is sold fresh, loose or in bottles, or aged in steel, used wood or terracotta, and then sold. An artisan wine is produced, with few sulphites and few interventions, an expression of the surrounding territory; to accompany simple courses: cold cuts, cheese, gardener; bread, butter and anchovies; Fassona tartare; soups.

Translated by @silaskin

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