T’a Milano – Store & Bistrot

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T’a Milano – Store & Bistrot Via Clerici, 10


  • lunedi 08–00
  • martedi 08–00
  • mercoledi 08–00
  • giovedi 08–00
  • venerdi 08–00
  • sabato 11–00
  • domenica chiuso

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The T’a Milano is a fabulous spot with a particular respect for the details. In fact the interior decoration was made by one of the most famous architect in Milan, Vincenzo De Cotiis. Moreover the entire staff of the T’a Milano cares a lot about clients, offering a classy menu and a refined bakery. During the happy hour the T’a Milano offers a wide choice of well-prepared cocktails served with really good finger food while if you want a terrific after dinner you can taste all the drinks with an extraordinary variety of chocolate. Just one critical note: the absence of a counter is a little pity because you don’t have the opportunity to speak with the super qualified bartender.

Michele Iuliano
Translation by Sarah Dongiovanni