The Peak of the Rox

Climb the Peak of the Roxanich Universe

Scritto da Zero Zurich il 23 aprile 2021

Brand New Wines, a boutique wine provider specialised in rare natural wines from ancient Venetian lands, is offering a limited edition of only 50 cases of its favourite, long aged Roxanich wines: Start the journey with the unbelievable, orgasmic Roxanich’s Rosé Vintage from 2011, joined in the ascent by the ultimate pièce de résistance, the gloriously raw Red Roxanich’s Pinot Noir from 2008 – finally climbing the top of the Rox with the most avant-garde Orange wine – the 6 months long macerated 2011 Malvasia Istriana Roxanich’s Antica.

Experience the ultimate selection of rare, aged Roxanich natural wines, without pesticides, chemicals and additives.

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