Wed 20.03 2019 – Sun 18.08 2019

Letizia Battaglia


Casa dei Tre Oci
Fondamenta delle Zitelle (Giudecca) 43, 30133 Venezia


Wednesday 20 March 2019 – Sunday 18 August 2019
H 10:00 - 19:00

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Civita Tre Venezie

Il gioco dei killer, 1982, Palermo

Foto di Letizia Battaglia

Until August 18th, 300 images – mostly unpublished – and two documentaries tell over forty years of the city of Palermo, of Italy and of the whole world as seen from the lenses of the greatest Italian reporter (Letizia Battaglia, Palermo 1935). The house of Venetian photography, with a compelling and unusual set-up, holds an immense skein of feelings and images. The photographer’s point of view does not favor perfection and beauty but the immediate story – the here and now – of people, especially girls and women, places that are difficult to decipher but full of life, animals, dumps that turn into fairy tales, norwegian mountains and ravines of inscrutable cities, the crudeness of death and redemption from the “mafia” phenomenon that transcends far beyond Palermo. The anthological exhibition, curated by Fam, is one of the largest ever dedicated to Battaglia. «I have experienced photography as a document» tells the artist «as interpretation and so much more. I felt it as water in which I immersed, I washed and purified myself. I experienced it as salvation and as truth». The Palermo reporter returns to Venice, again at the Casa dei Tre Oci, on May 25th on the occasion of her participation in the Festival dei Matti and then on June 13th at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, she won’t go unnoticed with her mop of shocking pink hair and that loving energy in her eyes.


Eastern Sunday, people ceheering for the statue of San Michele, patron of Caltabellotta, 1984

Written by Diana Marrone